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Within our schools, we use The Read Write Inc. programme for the teaching of early reading. This ensures that children are ready to begin the more formal aspect of phonics teaching at the beginning of the Reception year.

It is our aim that, by the end of the reception year, children are able to:

  • read and write short sentences and books using at least one way to represent each common phoneme within the alphabetic code;
  • learn one way of representing each sound.


We also ensure that children are exposed to high quality literature through the use of our daily Talk Through Stories sessions and exposure to 'Favourite Five' texts. This allows us to develop children's love of reading as well as supporting vocabulary development.


We begin the Read Write Inc. programme with our Nursery children in the summer term. Before children begin their phonics journey, we focus on speaking and listening development. This means we focus on building the foundations for phonics skills by developing children’s ability to hear and discriminate sounds, say words, orally blend sounds into words and develop a child's ability to listen to, make, explore and talk about sounds.  When children are ready, they will move on to the school’s RWI phonics program. This is usually in the last term of Nursery.