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Like all subjects, we want music provision to be the very best possible. This poses a particular hurdle as excellence in a subject like music requires specialised skills, knowledge and delivery. To bypass this problem, we have employed a specialist music teacher to work across our schools. She has great experience in the field, being a choir leader and orchestra conductor, and has had extensive training around the demands of a robust music curriculum. She has brought this to bear on the development of our Rainbow curriculum, and we see this as a very clear statement of our intent to provide quality in this area of our pupils’ development.
In addition to the curriculum, we want to seek opportunities to enhance pupils’ cultural experiences of music, and intend for their enthusiasm and development to be showcased at the end of each academic year in a special Rainbow concert.

Our specialist teacher travels to each school on a bi-weekly rota, taking a lesson in each class (from Y1-Y6) every other week. Lessons are supported by class teachers, who then deliver follow-up lessons using an online resource called Kapow.