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PSHCE stands for Personal, Social, Helath, Citizenship and Economical education. The Relationships and Health Education statutory curriculum is interwoven through the trust's PSHCE curriculum. It encompases focused PSHCEe and RHE lessons, awareness days, diversity focused sessions (No Outsiders curriculum) and links between PSHCE and safeguarding. All lessons promote British Values and develop children's understanding of how these values are demonstrated in daily school life and within the wider community.


As per government guidance, Relationships and Health education is fully integrated into our PSHCE scheme of work. Lessons that show coverage of these objectives are highlighted in yellow on the scheme overview. Some of these lessons are based upon the Christopher Wynter scheme of work (e.g. use of cartoon images and some acitvties), but all lessons have been adapted to meet the needs of our communities and cohorts.

All lessons included are statuatory and meet the objectives outlined in the Relationships and Health Education curriculum. Additional Relationships and Sex Education resources have also been planned for but are not a part of the yearly overview. Parents/carers still have the right to withdraw from any lessons classed as Sex Education.
All lessons have been planned to be delivered in an age appropriate way and fall in line with the school's Relationships and Sex Education Policy. This can be found in the POLICIES section of the website.

Our PSHCE curriculum has been developed to ensure that all pupils receive key messages relative to their age group. These aim to develop the necessary knowledge for safe choices and informed decisions to be made so that pupils are well-prepared for later life. Along with learning in this subject, we have aimed to bring a range of linked aspects under one umbrella, with pupils’ knowledge of British Values, issues pertaining to SMSC (spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development), wellbeing and essential safeguarding messages all woven together into the curriculum. 

The curriculum works as a proactive, preventative approach that aims to combat negative issues before they arise. 

Years 1-6 will have a discrete weekly lesson. This should be timetabled to occur at the same time each week. The wider curriculum will encompass the following: a weekly wellbeing starter, focused PSHCEe and RSE lessons, awareness days, sessions that focus on diversity (No Outsiders curriculum), British Values and safeguarding links. Year group sessions will build on those from the previous year. 

Nursery will have a PSED theme for each half term and record ideas in floorbooks. Reception will have weekly focused input and record ideas in floorbooks.