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Physical Education

Like music, we have implemented a model of specialised provision, with a team of dedicated PE coaches employed to oversee delivery and assessment across our schools. This means that lessons are planned and delivered to a high-quality, with these covering a range of sports that seek to encourage engagement and interest beyond school.

We want to seek opportunities to enhance pupils’ cultural experiences of sport, so our coaches are proactive in setting up school-based challenges, competitions, and after school clubs and activities. We have also begun to seek ways to develop stronger community sport links and to provide sport-specific specialist provision.

Weekly discrete PE lessons cover a range of sporting themes: fundamental skills, gymnastics, dance, athletics, striking and fielding, invasion games and swimming. These lessons are planned and delivered by a dedicated coach who works across two schools.

Where possible, we liaise with local clubs and venues to provide community links that will help pupils access sport outside of school hours. In some of our schools, we have managed to access the support of expert coaches for specialised sessions. At St Silas CE Primary School, we use Sports Premiuim funding to facilitate specialist football, tennis, basketball and boxing coaching for our children. It is our hope that we can use these strategies to provide stronger pathways into sport in general as well as links to local clubs that will help sustain pupil participation and an active lifestyle.