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School Applications

Applying for Reception and Year 7

You can only apply online for a Reception class or Year 7 place if you live in Liverpool. If you live outside Liverpool and want to apply for a school here, you must apply through the education authority where you live.

For places in Reception and Year 7, you should apply online here:

Once you have created an online applications account, you can apply for up to three schools for Primary Reception class and up to five schools for Secondary Year 7.

The deadline to apply for a place to start Year 7 in September 2025 is October 31st 2024. It is your responsibility to ensure that you apply for your child's place by this date.

Some schools have their own entrance exams, aptitude tests and application forms. If your child wishes to apply to a school which has its own entrance exam, aptitude test or application form, you will need to contact the school, register your child to take the exam/test and get a copy of the school’s application form. You will also need to apply using the Liverpool City Council online application form. This is your responsibility. Schools will not allow you to take the entrance test if you miss the deadline to apply.

There is more information about transferring to secondary school here.


Applying for an In-Year Transfer

There is more information about applying for an in-year transfer here.

You can request an application form from the school office.

Please be aware that we operate a waiting list, and that most classes in school are full. Once your application form is received, the date it was received will be noted and your child will be placed on the waiting list. We will contact you occasionally to check that you wish your child's name to stay on the waiting list. We will also contact you when we are in a position to offer your child a place.